Today is my first day back on campus after our trip- it feels different and yet so familiar at the same time.  I think our shared experience has changed us in a way, or at the very least, our perspectives on higher education: to not simply accept the way things are, but to question why things are the way they are, as well as think about what we can do to improve higher education as future faculty members.

Our experience was more than just a glimpse into higher education in Switzerland, Italy, and France, but a cultural exposure to culinary delights, public transit, amazing history, and delicious gelato, among other things.  It was great to meet our colleagues from Basel and Lund, and I am looking forward to welcoming the Basel students to Virginia Tech next week!  While many of us are experiencing a twinge of sadness now that our journey is over, these feelings are eased by the opportunity to continue the conversation about access to and within higher education in preparation for our seminar at the Swiss Embassy on June 15.

View from observation tower near Zurich

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