Universities of applied sciences

I was doing some research about some of the universities we will be visiting, and started to uncover more about the universities of applied sciences (or Fachhochschulen).  The SUPSI website (Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana, Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Southern Switzerland) describes applied sciences as “vocation-oriented” universities that provide professional training to students in technology, finance, design, art, social work, and healthcare.  Their website also states that the key difference between a university and a university of applied sciences is the teaching style.  At universities of applied sciences, class sizes are small and “theory is always combined with practical work” to prepare students for the workplace.

I find this pretty interesting, and I think the method is a good one to prepare students for professions in these applied fields.  I am a pretty applied person (i.e., I need to see it, apply it, and know why it is important), so I think this type of education would appeal to me.  I am interested to learn more about universities of applied sciences, and note some of the differences from other universities we will visit.

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