Teaching is an attitude

When I was an undergraduate student and my semester was fully filled by different classes, I had thought about hundreds of tips of teaching in the case of being a teacher myself someday.  Most of these tips are summarized in this paper- “It’s the little things that count in teaching”. (http://chronicle.com/article/Its-the-Little-Things-That/141489/).

I do like the idea that the teacher should come to class a little earlier and leave some time after the class to answer questions. One of my teachers in last semester always came to class 10 min earlier to talk to students and bring different kinds of cookies to us every time. I feel much closer with this teacher and it is easy to communicate with him, talking about the difficulty and concerns about what we learn in this course. For example, I told him that writing codes often took me longer time that I thought, because I always need spend a long time to find out the bug that lead to the mistake. And the teacher told me some quick ways to check the bug, and one of them was email him and ask a help. This is a tough course for me, but I feel so encouraged during the whole semester and I do not feel any distance between me and the teacher.

What’s more, I am impressed by the saying that “always performs with as positive an attitude as possible”.  I highly agree with that the attitude from a teacher can influence or even decide the effect of learning of students.  When I was in a class which led by a negative instructor, I felt boring and depressed by his behavior such like reading the slices rather than communicating with students, inefficient in answering a question or even avoid it, and looked not confident about this course himself. On the other side, there was another instructor who was considered as one of the most popular teachers in our school. He always spoke loudly to make sure everyone can hear him clearly and was full of passion in his class. He started with several cases of success in this course from previous student’s experiences at the beginning of each semester and encouraged us to learn during the whole time. To attract our attention in the class, he told us jokes that related to his course after each section. This teacher makes me feel that learning can be a fun which leads you to your success and to learn is to pursue your dream in a happy way.

Thus, as a responsible teacher, one should set up a clear goal for their students, communicate with them regularly and listen to them, efficient organize the teaching material, try every way to keep student’s attention and passion in learning.  And, every little thing makes you big.

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