Town Hall Meeting

From the presentation of town hall meeting, I learned the different perspectives from different person. Some local residents did suffer a lot from this case such as had cancer or other serious diseases and became a little sensitive to this case. People from CACWNY all agree that good listening to the public and build relationship among different stakeholders is really important.

When we were talking about that how we construct a new system if the present one was a “bad” one, Pan mentioned that the system will naturally dead and give a new birth instead, as a cycle. I partially agree with this kind of saying. If a system keep corrupting and accumulate enough problems, it definitely will dead. But it is not necessary to happen “naturally”. Actually, if the officers from the agencies do not care about the public and connive the behavior of the TCC, TCC would make it worse by discharging more pollution to the air which probably leads to a larger percent of residents to be affected to a greater extent. Then the residents will soon be trigger by the corrupted system and take action on it. It is like to push the system to the “bad” end. The “bad” system might be overturned soon. However, if the agencies could consider for the residents by listening to their advice and reaction to this case, or by the pressure from the public and media, they might introspect to their acts and monitor the TCC to reduce their pollution. Thus, it promotes the system to move to the “good” end.

A system needs a long time to be constructed and maintained. It is really not easy to be changed simply by one or two cases. But if someone who wants to strive for his/her right or stands for the community to insist his/her moral principles, he/she will soon influences people around him/her and push things toward to a much better direction.