InclusiveVT Update

Tomorrow, President Sands has invited the VT student community to discuss the current status of InclusiveVT.  According to the Facebook Event, the focus of this meeting is to gain insight from students regarding new initiatives, discussing what has already work well, and most importantly, describing what Virginia Tech will look like if these initiatives are successful beyond our wildest dreams?

Senior leaders to the President’s Executive Council each submitted three initiatives in December last year.  Upd  Some initial thoughts after glancing through the initiatives:

  • While some areas appear to have similar initiatives applied to various constituent groups (eg., undergraduate, graduate, faculty, staff, etc.), others created distinct initiatives that seem to cater to the specific needs of each of these groups.
  • It seems initiatives that indicated a time and measurable outcomes will have an easier metric to quantify what worked (and what didn’t) as time progresses.  I liked seeing a rough timeline to give an idea of how the area benchmarked its current and anticipated statuses.
  • Even reading through these quickly, I am able to put certain emails and events I’ve seen over the past two semesters into perspective.  (eg., College of Architecture and Urban Studies Diversity Awareness Competition, posters inviting students to write what an “Inclusive Graduate Life Center” means to them, updating the Diversity Strategic Plan)

The schedule for tomorrow shows that attendants will be asked to project what InclusiveVT will look like in 1 year, 3 years, and 10 years from now.  So, here are a few thoughts before tomorrow’s discussion.  Leave your own ideas or discuss these in the comments section!

  • 1 Year: There will be a system in place that allows the community to report and follow-up with potential situations (“-isms”) related to diversity.
  • 3 Years: Individual faculty across disciplines will incorporate some aspect of inclusion and diversity in their curricula.
  • 10 Years: We will wonder what higher education was like before initiatives like InclusiveVT.