Women’s Month at Virginia Tech

I recently met with Kelsey Harrington (hkelsey6@exchange.vt.edu) to discuss the Virginia Tech Women’s Center and it’s role on Women’s Month.  This year’s Women’s Month is entitled, “Feminism is for Everybody”, which immediately reminded me of the “HeForShe” campaign I first heard about through Emma Watson.  Following this most recent push for gender equality, many students are asking how they can be actively involved in promoting women on campus.

Overall, I had two main questions:

  1. If we have a Women’s Center, why isn’t there a Men’s Center on campus?
  2. How has the addition of Gender Identity/Gender Expression (GI/GE) in the VT non-discrimination policy affected the Women’s Center?

Though females have been outnumbering males in college attendance since the early 80s, the gender demographic at Virginia Tech still makes females a minority group.  Much as the Cranwell International Center provides services specific to international students, the Women’s Center provides services related to gender-specific issues.  That being said, the Women’s Center serves people of all genders.  (Another resource for counseling services is provided by the Cook Counseling Center.)  The addition of GI/GE in the VT non-discrimination policy has prompted the change in verbiage used to describe programs and services.  That is to say, gender-neutral words and names are increasingly used in promoting events and discussing topics.  As our community evolves, so will the events and services provided by the Women’s Center (and other campus resources).

Check out some of the Women’s Month events on campus this March!  WM Calendar 2015