Tomorrow’s Leaders


Virginia Tech aims to inspire minds, grow intellectual capacities, kindle creativity, deepen knowledge and engagement, expand civic and intercultural understanding, and encourage a commitment to personal and social responsibility.  Virginia Tech equips students with the knowledge, intellectual agility, practical competency, and ethical foundation to thrive as citizens in a rapidly changing economic, political, and social climate.  Virginia Tech develops innovative curricula that broadens and deepens students’ knowledge through the study of the arts, classical studies, engineering, humanities, languages, natural sciences, and the social sciences. Through the creative use of technology and learner-centered pedagogy, Virginia Tech helps students grow and increase their capacity for reasoning and analysis; rational and aesthetic judgment; oral and written communication and expression; as well as the insight of creative and constructive “problem-creating” and “problem-solving.”

Key Ideas

These imperatives are explored in the sections that follow:

Reformulate the Curriculum for Liberal Education to better develop in students the creativity and complex reasoning skills necessary to address the “grand challenges” of the coming decades

Increase opportunities for students to engage in scholarship, research and outreach

Promote global engagement within a context of experiential learning opportunities within and outside the classroom

Augment the pedagogy focused on teaching with a pedagogy of learning


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