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Living in an analog world

This evening when I arrived home I fed Audrey, my sourdough starter, my head full of “just a tool.” I get great satisfaction out of taking care of Audrey, even more when I produce a beautiful loaf from her. I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Tricycles in the Pentagon, Jiggling Atoms, and Tiny Neutrinos

I like it when I am reminded that the siloed boundaries between disciplines, between the sciences and the humanities, for example, are something to be questioned at every turn.   When two of my scientist colleagues said that they were … Continue reading Continue reading

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Postscript on Vannevar Bush

  Last week’s New Media Faculty-Staff Development Seminar at Virginia Tech focused on “As We May Think,” and the discussion was lively, both in the room and on the seminarians’ blogs. I would summarize the main concerns thus (and I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Human Algorithms

I was reading an article today about the new Facebook timeline.  At the end of the article, the author says, It’s a marvel of computer programming: An algorithm that comes eerily close to emulating human memory… This resonated with the … Continue reading Continue reading

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Systems of Self Perpetuation

Building upon a few of my comments from our last session as well as my previous (and somewhat) unfinished post about Bacon, Hughes, V.Bush and the [perceived] promises of technoscience, I hope to better develop some of my rushed (i.e. … Continue reading Continue reading

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P.O. Box 1663 and Memex

Last week I wanted to have coffee and conversation with Vannevar Bush.  And, not just Vannevar.  I wanted to hang with the scientists for whom P.O. Box 1663 was a community of sorts in a particular historical moment: J. Robert … Continue reading Continue reading

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Too Early for Dr. Who References?

Although it may be too early in the course to admit Dr. Who fandom, this week’s readings deem that admission completely appropriate, I think! Both the Wiener piece (“Men, Machines, and the World About”) and the Licklider piece (“Man-Computer Symbiosis”) immediately brought to mind the Cybermen of Dr. Who’s world; Wiener, for bringing the prefix […] Continue reading

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The creeping paralysis of secrecy.

I feel the weight of war in these pieces. And it’s a striking contrast: There is, at moments, an infectious optimism, a thought that we’re entering a brilliant new era. Both Wiener and Licklider see the potential of the computing … Continue reading Continue reading

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Night Magic

Bedtime story?! It’s too late my sweetie. You must go to sleep. Ok then… A quick one. From my childhood or made up? Both?! Hey you! Give me a minute to think. Ok. Are you warm enough? Are you ready? … Continue reading Continue reading

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I need context!

As part of my first blog I wanted to offer up a small anecdote as a foundation for my comments on the Bush article. For several years I directed the Florida Statistical Analysis Center in the Florida Department of Law … Continue reading Continue reading

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