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Hangout with Mozambique Team

This afternoon I was able to connect with my research team working in Nampula, Mozambique via a Google hangout. I used my Glass device that was tethered to a smartphone. The picture below (taken via Glass) captures the moment I connected with my colleagues. What is exciting about this platform is that I can now connect with my research team from any location in the US, which I wasn’t able to do previously.

Hangout with Moz Team

Comment on McLuhan and our plight by bob therriault

As usual, your blog has me thinking in several different directions Gardner.

I wonder if the mythic mind your are seeking precedes any consideration of augmentation. Augmentation amplifies both good and bad. It seems that what is needed is a path that clarifies before it amplifies.

Vision questing, the journey of the hero and other such ways of building up a mythic knowledge of the world are strangely lacking in our approach to technology. I think it is because the growth of character is less reliable than a cookbook approach to solving problems. I wonder if systems thinking brings us closer to mythic knowledge than goal oriented knowledge, in that it represents a holistic approach to our world view, although lacking in the faith based paths of spiritual practice.

I wonder whether this also explains why so many of our models for computer use are serial rather than parallel. Parallel is closer to knowledge of the whole which could provide a solution, while serial is a more direct path. Of course, parallel is more likely to follow a curve in the road and serial is more likely to quickly send you over the cliff in a straight line.

I hope this reply has not been too scrambled. If it is, such is my plight. :)

cheers, bob