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Comment on The home stretch.. by alrobins

Thanks Amy. I’m thinking I might start off my Freshman Seminar course with your rope/string activity next semester in my Freshman Seminar course, so thank you for facilitating my growth as a teacher/coach! :)

Comment on The home stretch.. by amyhogan

LOVE, love, LOVE that TED talk… Curiosity/Questions, “Mess,” Reflection… all things I’ve enjoyed embracing this semester and that have reminded me what to focus more on as a leader, facilitator and coach. Thanks for sharing, and for your insightful reflection…!

Comment on The Purpose of University Education by amyhogan

I’m right there with you – In my own words, I’d say higher education at its best serves the purpose of enabling people in their quest to become productive contributors to society. I don’t think higher ed is the only vehicle that plays a role in that. And I think the ways in which people may productively contribute are myriad. And being a productive contributor happens “best” when you know yourself, pursue your passions, understand the systems of the world (especially if you seek to change them!), and lead through service. All of which universities can support and provide outlets and resources toward…

Comment on The Purpose of University Education by tpapillo

Absolutely not, Adam! I throw these out as suggestions that have been made over the years. I am trying to get a sense of the multiple reasons people give for a college education. I go back and forth between 2 and 3, but I know that there is not ONE reason. But it may be more useful to put one at the center of focus; then others come along with it. So, e.g., if you put getting a job at the center of focus, becoming a responsible citizen may not come along with that. I would argue that putting ‘becoming a responsible citizen’ at the center might bring a job and self discovery along with it. And on like that… What’s at your center? What’s at your periphery?