Are we rethinking our drink?

We’ve done it! Our efforts paid off! A recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports findings that soda consumption actually decreased from 1999-2008. Don’t celebrate so fast. Other sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) like sports and energy drinks increased…three-fold. Using NHANES data the investigators of the study assessed the [...]

Beverages: What we are purchasing is changing, but what are the implications?

According to a recent report on by The Wall Street Journal, American’s beverage purchasing patterns have been changing. Soda, juice, milk, beer, and powdered drink (e.g. instant breakfasts, iced teas, chocolate mixes, and protein shakes) sales have all declined since 2001. Interestingly, bottled water purchases have increased from about 17 gallons to 26 gallons [...]

The beverage companies are putting up a fight…against obesity that is.

Thanks to Ershad Sheibani, one of my peers and a fellow graduate student in the Water INTERface program, for the head’s up about this article: Do you think having calorie counts and suggestions for lower calorie beverage choices would impact your decision at the vending machine?

Who’s dissin’ water?

A recent blog post by Larry Cohen in the internet newspaper “The Huffington Post,” sheds light what beverage companies are trying to do with their advertising: “drive more ounces in more bodies more often.” Doesn’t sound like they really care about your health. Mr. Cohen highlights the how much sugary beverages we as a country [...]

Not getting enough water isn’t only a US problem.

Preliminary findings from the United Kingdom Fluid Intake Study show that some Europeans are not drinking enough water, similar to what has been seen here in the US. Registered dietitian Dr. Joan Gandy reported these findings in Nutrition Today’s recently released supplement. In the UK, 25% of adult women and 35% of adult men are not [...]

Water at meals and snacks may help you eat more veggies!

Growing up, what was your default drink with pizza? How about with chips or popcorn? Although I am a member of the “food police” (aka: a registered dietitian), never when I was eating pizza or salty snacks as a child was water an option. It was always some sweetened bevereage like juice, soda, or a [...]