Water INTERface Faculty Member Professor Amy Pruden receives Water Environment Research Foundations’ Paul L. Busch Award that recognizes an outstanding individual whose ongoing efforts contribute significantly to water quality research and its practical application in the environment.

Here is how Professor Amy Pruden describes her achievement. “The Paul L Bush Award- Thank You! Last week (October 2104) I was honored to receive the Paul L. Busch award at the Water Environment Federation … Continue reading

If you’re looking to lose, drink up.

A recent review by Dr. Rebecca Muckelbauer and colleagues from the Berlin School of Public Health has received attention from the press about a highly questioned issue: does drinking water affect weight outcomes in adults? Or put more simply, will drinking water help you lose weight?


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Dr. Muckelbauer and her peers performed a systematic review, which included 11 studies, three of which came out of  our Water INTERface director’s (Dr. Brenda Davy) lab. Specifically, one study by Dennis and others, on which Dr. Davy was the principle investigator, provided some solid evidence to assist Dr. Muckelbauer’s group in developing their review.

The study by Dr. Elizabeth Dennis, currently a post doctoral fellow at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and a graduate from VT and past student of Dr. Davy’s, found that after 12 weeks drinking about two cups of water before each meal was correlated with a greater decrease in weight after 12 weeks versus restricting calories alone. Another publication included in the systematic review was an extension of Dennis and colleagues’ work looking into how self monitoring of weight, fruit and vegetable intake, and water consumption may influence long-term weight maintenance. The lead author for this study was Dr. Jeremy Akers, also a VT alumni and prior member of Dr. Davy’s lab and now an assistant professor at JMU.

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Studies in Dr. Muckelbauer and associate’s review that examined water intake in individuals who were not primarily dieting or trying to maintain weight were found to show inconsistent results, but this may be due to study design. Overall, the review’s authors concluded that studies examining increased water intake in those dieting or trying to maintain weight imply that more water is better. However, they highlight the need for more thorough studies on this topic before definitive associations can be made.

With the summer months upon us, this study draws attention to one clear notion: Fill ‘er up and drink up…WATER that is.

Drinking Water Week: May 5th-11th

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For about the past 35 years the American Water Works Association has been celebrating Drinking Water Week. This year its May5th to 11th.  The AWWA’s website describes the event as “a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in our daily lives.” So this next week drink up and celebrate!

Our own Amanda Sain honored as outstanding graduate student.


Congratulations to Amanda Sain for receiving the honor of being named an outstanding master’s degree student by the Virginia Tech Graduate School.

Amanda’s research is focused on the intersection of water quality and air quality with an emphasis on aqueous inorganic constituents, specifically Manganese. She has a passion for looking into where water and public health intersect so that drinking water continues to be safe and accessible.