The urban water cycle as a key node in the spread of antibiotic resistance: field studies in Colorado and Virginia

—- by Emily Garner, PhD student of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Water INTERface IGEP, presented at the American Society of Microbiology Conference on Innovative Microbial Ecology for Mitigation of Antibiotic Resistance and Bacterial Diseases … Continue reading

Water and beverage intake…in Britain!

A new article published in the Nutrition Journal 2013, 12:9 on our favorite topic…water! Among British adults, alcoholic drinks are more popular than tap water among men (79% consume alcohol but only 60% report drinking tap water), but the opposite is true among women (similar percentages, but reversed)! This means….40% of men in that sample do not drink tap water, at all? The authors also reported that beverage consumption is higher in the evening than earlier in the day (not due to drinking more tap water at night!).

The authors also estimated that replacing about one cup of calorie-containing beverages with a cup of water (or other non-caloric beverages) would reduce overall daily calorie intake by about 40 kcal per day. That may not sound like a lot, but think about it in terms of a week (about 300 kcal) or a month (1200 kcal)!! Definitely a good weight management strategy……


Are we rethinking our drink?

We’ve done it! Our efforts paid off! A recent study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports findings that soda consumption actually decreased from 1999-2008. Don’t celebrate so fast. Other sugar sweetened beverages (SSB) like sports and energy drinks increased…three-fold. Using NHANES data the investigators of the study assessed the [...]

Water types: What’s the difference?

Consumers may have noticed that they have several options for purchasing water…..they can choose from distilled, purified, or even spring water at the grocery store. Throughout my undergrad studies I remember pipetting distilled water into concoctions my professor was anxiously waiting for us to “cook up,” but never did I really think about the differences in [...]

Water may be associated with more than quenching your thirst.

Do you eat less than 2 pieces fruit a day? What about less than 3 servings of vegetables per day? Milk…less than 2 times a day? Soda? What about exercising 5 days a week for more than 60 minutes? “OK, so you’re trying to make me feel guilty on FRIDAY, Shaun? Thanks alot!” No, no, [...]