Water in kids: its more than they THINK!

Not drinking enough water has been associated with decreased physical and cognitive performance and mood disturbances in adults (see Armstron et al., and Ganio et al., and the ACSM Position Stand on Exercise and Fluid Replacement), but what about in school-aged children? Fadda and colleagues attempted to answer this question studying 9-10 year olds during their school [...]

Chill out…drink up!

A recent systematic review revealed that athletes are more likely to drink a cold beverage than a warm one while exercising. Further, the negative effects of dehydration were held at bay when cooler beverages were offered versus when not. Being an avid cyclist and spending hours upon end surfing, I can vividly remember times when [...]

Down in the dumps? Have a glass of water.

Tired? Stressed? In a bad mood? Well…shape up and drink more water! Huh? Recent research by Dr. Nathalie Pross showed that women’s mood, concentration, and calmness were all impacted by being dehydrated. Interestingly, this study showed that even after rehydrating the negative effects persisted. “To our knowledge, this is the first study showing that [fluid [...]