Lead found in water at 2 Navy childcare sites.

Image source: http://peakwater.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/leadwater-300×225.jpg

Lead is schools is of particular concern because children spend a significant amount of their time in school buildings. According to the EPA, up to 50% of a child’s total lead exposure can come from water, therefore, it is important that schools take proactive steps to make sure that their drinking water is safe. In the last two decades alone elevated lead levels were documented in school districts in at least 39 states. In the case of schools, the monitoring and correcting lead issues is voluntary. In fact, there are no enforceable lead standards for schools. However, in the circumstance mentioned in the article “Under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Navy must test for lead in its water systems every three years” so very proactive steps were taken to ensure the safety of the children.

Original article can be found at: http://hamptonroads.com/2013/03/lead-found-water-2-navy-child-care-sites

Dr. Marc Edwards Receives Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Honor

By Sheldon Masters, Graduate Research Assistant I want to take the chance to congratulate Dr. Marc Edwards on receiving the Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Service in honor of  “a tireless, years long effort to expose safety and quality problems in United States’ public drinking water supplies, specifically in Washington, D.C.” I’ve worked with Marc [...]