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coffeemug/Paramjeet Pati is graduate student in the Virginia Tech Sustainable Nanotechnology (VTSuN) group, researches complex issues regarding sustainability, and loves coffee. You can join the conversation and follow our stories at https://blogs.lt.vt.edu/sustainablenano/ .

“Greening” the Desert

“Burning one hectare of grassland gives off more, and more damaging, pollutants than 6,000 cars. And we are burning in Africa, every single year, more than one billion hectares.”  - Allan Savory Imagine that. Climate change can cause (and exacerbate) desertification (Read this and this). Desertification severely affects the local … Continue reading

The Father of Green Chemistry speaks… (Forbes interview)

Check out the recent Forbes interview with Dr. Paul Anastas, the Father of Green Chemistry. Dr. Paul Anastas  His thoughts on unintended consequences of science and technology provide some food for thought in the the context of nanotechnology: ”Unintended consequences seem to be a natural outcome of solely reductionist thinking—we need to … Continue reading

TEDx talk by Dr. Peter Vikesland!

  Dr. Peter Vikesland gave a TEDx symposium organized at Virginia Tech, on November 10, 2012. The theme for this TEDx event was ”Knowing”. Dr. Vikesland talked about how nanotechnology can help to address the grand challenges in the imminent global water scarcity. Dr. Vikesland is the Director of the VT-SuN IGEP and was among the twenty … Continue reading

VT-SuN at the first Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization (SNO) Conference (2012)

VT-SuN Hokies represented Virginia Tech at the first Sustainable Nanotechnology Conference (SNO), held at Arlington,  VA (November 4 – 6, 2012)   Andrea Tiwari presented a poster titled “Oxidation of C60 by Ozone”. She discussed her studies on the rapid oxidation of C60 by atmospherically relevant concentrations of ozone and … Continue reading