Celebrity Water Advocate-Matt Damon!

It’s great to see that water has a celebrity advocate-Matt Damon! In our graduate water seminar a few years back, the class came to the collective realization that celebrity advocates can really help to advance a cause  (think about the Got Milk? campaign!). His organization, located at water.org, raises funds to bring water and toilets to developing countries-a truly worthwhile cause given that Water and sanitation are linked to public health. how can we also get more attention to our domestic water challenges-crumbling infrastructure, awareness of the health benefits of water consumption? We need a domestic water advocate to help raise awareness!

IGEP social-VT Graduate School!

Thanks to all who came out to support our Water INTERface interdisciplinary graduate education program (IGEP) At this evening’s IGEP social, hosted by the VT Graduate School! It was a fun time to connect with all the IGEP groups, and to thank Dean DePauw for her efforts to move us forward. We are starting on year three-excellent job students and faculty! If you are interested in water and health research, and willing to get out of a disciplinary silo, check us out!

Mark your calendars! An international expert on water and body weight will visit VT!

The Water IGEP group is pleased to announce that Dr. Rebecca Muckelbauer, faculty at the Berlin School of Public Health in Germany, will be presenting on her area of expertise – water consumption and body weight outcomes! A link to her most recent publication on this topic can be found here, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

All are invited to attend Dr. Muckelbauer’s presentation on the Virginia Tech Campus, in Fralin auditorium, on Monday December 9th from 3-4p. We are very excited to have her travel here to speak to our faculty and students!