Hot weather spells trouble for nuclear power plants

From NPR


Nuclear power plants in Europe have been forced to cut back electricity production because of warmer-than-usual seawater.
Plants in Finland, Sweden and Germany have been affected by a heat wave that has broken records in Scandinavia and the British Isles and exacerbated deadly wildfires along the Mediterranean.
Air temperatures have stubbornly lingered above 90 degrees in many parts of Sweden, Finland and Germany, and water temperatures are abnormally ...

We’re Drowning In Plastic Trash. Jenna Jambeck Wants To Save Us

From NPR


When a huge floating gyre of plastic waste was discovered in the Pacific in the late 1980s, people were shocked. When whales died and washed ashore with stomachs full of plastic, people were horrified. When photographs of beaches under knee-deep carpets of plastic trash were published, people were disgusted.
Though some of it came from ships, most, presumably, was from land. But how much was ...

Coastal cities are already suffering from “climate gentrification”

From Fast Company


Though some may still deny it, climate change is having an effect on our lives. It’s making weather patterns more severe and unpredictable, and in some parts of the world, agricultural practices and natural ecosystems are collapsing. And in other places, it’s going to make things really expensive.

In vulnerable coastal cities like Miami, climate change and sea level ...

Study forecasts growth rates of loblolly pine trees through first half of 21st century

From VT News

The ability to predict weather patterns has helped us make clothing choices and travel plans, and even saved lives. Now, researchers in Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment are using similar predictive methods to forecast the growth of trees.
In a study published in Ecological Applications, researchers used ecological forecasting to predict how changes in temperature, water, and concentrations of carbon in ...