Graduate students attend Alan Alda science communication workshop

From VT News
BLACKSBURG, Va., Nov. 24, 2015 – Virginia Tech students recently learned that a well-written scientific abstract is helpful, but a good elevator speech can be more important for acquiring support for research projects.
Graduate students — from the departments of fish and wildlife conservation, biological sciences, entomology, and more — practiced talking about their research with experts from the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science.
The Global Change Center at Virginia Tech partnered with one of its ...

Quinn Thomas leads a $2.6 million USDA project to mitigate climate change

From VT News
Quinn Thomas is launching a new project to enable scientists to look many decades ahead and predict the effectiveness of land management practices in agriculture and forestry to mitigate climate change.
“The project is focused on predicting how forest and agriculture management can be used to meet demands for food and fiber while having positive benefits on climate,” said Thomas, assistant professor of forest dynamics and ecosystem modeling in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.
Thomas ...

Communicating Science- What we learned from the Alan Alda Communicating Science Workshop

By Jennifer Wagner
“Communication Breakdown, It’s always the same
I’m having a nervous breakdown, drive me insane!”
This sentiment is not unique to Led Zeppelin fans. Nearly everyone has been in a situation where they felt they weren’t being heard or were frustrated about not understanding what someone else was saying… perhaps to the point of being driven insane. Scientists are not exempt from these feelings and the global change community at Virginia Tech is increasing its understanding of the importance ...

Interfaces of Global Change fellows attend the Woods Institute in Washington, DC

The Woods Institute
Good science and good policy should go hand-in-hand, yet the path from collecting data to constructing policy can seem nebulous and abstract. Many scientists find themselves wondering: What is the role of science in the decision-making process? How does our science impact policy?
This past week, scientists in the Interfaces of Global Change Interdisciplinary Graduate Education Program (IGC IGEP) set off for Capitol Hill to address these questions and to gain a better understanding of the process ...