Down in the dumps? Have a glass of water.

Tired? Stressed? In a bad mood? Well…shape up and drink more water! Huh? Recent research by Dr. Nathalie Pross showed that women’s mood, concentration, and calmness were all impacted by being dehydrated. Interestingly, this study showed that even after rehydrating the negative effects persisted. “To our knowledge, this is the first study showing that [fluid [...]

Not getting enough water isn’t only a US problem.

Preliminary findings from the United Kingdom Fluid Intake Study show that some Europeans are not drinking enough water, similar to what has been seen here in the US. Registered dietitian Dr. Joan Gandy reported these findings in Nutrition Today’s recently released supplement. In the UK, 25% of adult women and 35% of adult men are not [...]

Water at meals and snacks may help you eat more veggies!

Growing up, what was your default drink with pizza? How about with chips or popcorn? Although I am a member of the “food police” (aka: a registered dietitian), never when I was eating pizza or salty snacks as a child was water an option. It was always some sweetened bevereage like juice, soda, or a [...]

Dr. Marc Edwards Receives Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Honor

By Sheldon Masters, Graduate Research Assistant I want to take the chance to congratulate Dr. Marc Edwards on receiving the Carl Barus Award for Outstanding Service in honor of  “a tireless, years long effort to expose safety and quality problems in United States’ public drinking water supplies, specifically in Washington, D.C.” I’ve worked with Marc [...]

Guest Post by the First Water INTERface Graduate: Susan Mirlohi, Ph. D.

A Tribute to IGEP Water INTERface at Virginia Tech: A Team with a Mission As the first graduate of the IGEP Water INTERface program at Virginia Tech, I am proud to contribute this posting in recognition and support of the program and its dedicated team of faculty and students. When I started my PhD program [...]