De-Stalinization of the Gulags

One major step that was taken during the “De-Stalinization” period was to grant amnesty to the many people who were thrown into the Gulag during Stalin’s dictatorship.  On March 27, 1953 the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR granted amnesty to “…persons sentenced for up to five years, those … Continue reading

Soviet Labor Laws

A problem that the Soviet Union had continued to encounter was a lack of work ethic among the working class.  The government previously had just expected the workers to work as hard as possible without any kind of incentive for their extra labor for the good of the state.  However, … Continue reading

Trade Unions and Their Development

Lenin’s views on the trade unions were that they were simply spontaneous movements that didn’t help to further the development of a “consciousness” amongst the workers.  This “consciousness” represented a driving force of the movement; the workers needed a higher purpose beyond just their present problems such as poor wages, … Continue reading

Zindan, The Emir’s Prison

Zindan, The Emir’s Prison My name is Matt Williford and I am a history major.  I’m also minoring in classical studies and psychology.  I have always had some interest in Russian history, more specifically around the time of World War II.  This is also my first Russian history class that … Continue reading