Virginia Tech Greenhouse Space Request Guidelines

If your project, research or class requires an area in the greenhouse first download a space request form and submit that form to the Greenhouse Manager at least thirty days before the project begins. A committee will consider whether the use is appropriate for this facility, considering space requirements, chemical use, and safety considerations. The minimum reservation time is one month and maximum time is 6 months.

Faculty responsibilities include but are not limited to the following items. Research projects must be labeled with the name of the primary investigator and contact information. If any pesticides, nutrients (above regular liquid fertilizer), or chemicals are applied an additional sign is required with an explanation of what is being applied, at what levels, and any Re-entry interval (REI) if applicable. Primary investigators are responsible for the supervision of routine care, watering, fertilizing and scouting of their projects and ensuring the space is kept sanitary and weed free.  The primary investigator is expected to ensure all users under her/his supervision read and follow the complete list of Guidelines for Greenhouse Users.

Appropriate greenhouse keys will be issued to the user for the period of time they have arranged to use the greenhouse. The users are asked to return all keys to the greenhouse manager at the end of use. The doors to the greenhouse main hall will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and are to be locked at all other times. Individuals who use the greenhouses after hours and on weekends are asked to secure the doors after entering and exiting the greenhouses.

Upon project completion it is expected that every primary investigator will arrange for a timely exodus and cleanup of the greenhouse space being used as the project is completed. Extensions for more time must be requested and will be considered by the committee in light of other space needs.