Faculty using social media

I found an article from La Salle University on social media where they surveyed faculty. (http://wp.lasalle.edu/blog/how-higher-education-faculty-are-using-social-media/).

This article is about how higher education faculty are using social media. In 2012, 41% of faculty members that are younger than 35 use social media in teaching. 30 percent of faculty over 55 use social media. They stated that Facebook and LinkedIn are the popular ones and that faculty members favor blogs in teaching. Social media is most used in Humanities and Arts, Social Sciences, and Applied Sciences. They stated that Fundamental Sciences lack suitable content on social media. A quote from the article that was interesting “faculty teaching online classes are at least 5% more likely to use social media than traditional classroom faculty”.

They surveyed faculty to see if they think social media should be in teaching. They stated that it was a mixed response to that question. The biggest concern was privacy. Another concern  is about integrity of student submissions. They concluded the article by stating that there may need to be social media that is just for educational use.


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