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For the final project/presentation, Brooke and I joined forces as the META meta team- charged with the daunting task of providing an in-depth synopsis and presentation of the topics discussed throughout the semester. We decided an excellent way of doing this would be to start with creating our own website and hopefully building something worthy of ¬†our charge. Brooke was told about a website where you can build websites (recursion yet again) called Wix, so we set forth with eagerness and anticipation. Then came the question, “where do we even start?” We decided it would be a good idea for each of us to split the load and work on separate sections so we would not be constantly having to both decide where to put this quote and whether a video is suitable there. Brooke was in charge of the design and I had the task of compiling the various media we used throughout the semester. That entailed going through all of the blog posts on our site (over 100) and pulling out all the links, videos, memes, gifs, everything that could be copied and pasted. we envisioned having whole pages of the website dedicated to the various forms of media- so we had developed a separate page for each “medium” and inserted small introductions for some of the videos. We really wanted to capture the personality of the class as a whole; so many of the videos and memes have special meaning to different ¬†members of the class. The Oxford Dictionary was a integral part of all of our discussions, for both the definition and etymology of various words were constantly being referenced and commented upon so we simply had to put that somewhere in the project. Recursion was prevalent throughout the year (of course it was, otherwise it wouldn’t be recursion).. This is something Dr. Campbell so devilishly introduced us to, and the rest is history. We were constantly seeing it pop up in our discussions, blogs, gifs, everywhere. We had to honor it in some way, so we dedicated another page to our recursive artifacts. Brooke then took it upon herself to really blow the wheels off. No doubt she will explain her path greater than I, but essentially she took an afternoon to go through nearly every reading, pulling out excerpts, and putting them together in a seamless page with breathtaking flow and clarity. It very succinctly summed up our entire semester, and was really the cherry on top of the whole presentation. Brooke and I are both extremely proud of the site, and hope everyone can enjoy the antics, but also dive deep into content and come away with something precious. Happy Hunting.

Ah, how could I forget? one must have the link in order to explore.

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