A sandbox with no walls

David’s project and video were quite thought provoking. His video in particular really caught my eye during several of the moments. As he begins building this sand castle, he is working with a theoretically infinite amount of space, since he could have chosen any spot on the beach in which to build. However, as he begins to focus more and more on building his particular sandbox, a wall is slowly built around him, shutting him off from the surroundings. They are still there, still real and ever present, but his vision of them is blocked, for he is so focused on his task. Only when he is so wonderfully interrupted by a lovely gift from above does he stop and look around.


He realizes that with such an intense focus on his task, he has lost sight and awareness of what is going on around him. I could be completely wrong, but I recall David saying that he was more focused on the “experience” of building the sand castle instead of the actual building. This caught my attention as I immediately wondered “if he was so focused on capturingthe¬† of building a sand castle, is that totally different from the experience of building a sand ¬†castle?”


David realized he had been blocked in by his own devices, but instead of remaining inside the “box” and believing that is all the world had to offer now, he climbed out and began to explore a vast new one, perhaps with an entirely different attitude and sense of awareness than before. how do we get out of our boxes? the first step i suppose is to even realize there is a box (or is there?) but even after we realize that, we still are not in the clear.

We must achieve a sense of balance, to focus on our “task” at hand, but also remaining aware of everything else happening- owl eyes. This is much easier said than done of course, and not many have mastered it. sometimes we believe we are SO close to achieving it, we can almost taste it.

But alas, there could still be some unknown barrier still holding us back.

2 thoughts on “A sandbox with no walls

  1. Thanks so much for this. I’m a blogger out of Rotterdam, Netherlands and what you’ve said here on vt.edu couldn’t be written any better. Reading through this information reminds me of my first roommate, Juan. He incessantly kept preaching about this. I will definitely send these ideas to him. I’m certain he will have a good time reading this.

    I am thankful to you you for posting this.

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