Habitat: What do players actions say about themselves?

I can’t say I wasn’t surprised when I read this article, because with technology and the advances it’s made, anything is possible, especially virtual worlds. I found it interesting that when the players were polled for certain things the creators wanted to fix and understand, they were ambiguous, even on moral issues, such as killing people. Yes, it is a make believe game technically, but morals shouldn’t really change. I feel like the 50% of the people who said it was okay should probably get checked out for anger issues. Another thing I thought that showed poor planning on the creators’ part was the ability for some players to hack the system so easily, but when they were confronted, they made it seem like nothing wrong had been done. To me, it sort of reflects how so many things can be twisted to look innocent, especially in today’s society. I also found that the complexity with the whole project was so much more massive than I thought it could be. When they talked about the one big activity they created for their players, that took them months to create, and then said it took one person only 8 hours to complete it, and instead of being upset, they were able to open their eyes and really see that even though they created it all, they didn’t have as much power over everything as the players did.

On the virtual world part of it all, it reminded me of Sims so much because that really is the interactive world of my generation. In that game, you could do so much, but people could do things to you and your possessions, such as light them on fire and honestly leave you with nothing. It all comes back to the having morals thing, and some of the people who play these types of games don’t think morals exist in virtual worlds, but in my opinion, they do and they should matter when it comes to anything, no matter reality or virtual worlds. Overall, this essay was not the best because I was not a player of virtual world games and it repeated what I already knew about them. The only new thing I learned was that it was far easier for players to manipulate the game than the creators thought.

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