Is time really linear?

The last class discussion about time being linear and the role time plays in comic strips really got me thinking on how we perceive time in reality and in the real world. Mentioning how time can be linear made me think if you can even think back to a certain time in the past, or a time in the future coming up, or are you really just in one spot of time and you have to wait for the next one to come up? In my opinion, even though time may be linear in the fact that you go from one minute to the next in the ways of a clock and scheduling, but you can have flashbacks, or plan in the future to either plan out your day or just plan out one event you plan on attending. The comic strip of the incredible Mr. Spot in the book sort of clarified this for me, even though it is almost impossible to take money from your future self. Time is a hard concept to understand because of the variations from here on Earth to how it is perceived in space where one day could be over 1,000 hours. So, technically, yes, time is linear in the idea that it goes from one point in time to another, but people have the ability to think back in time and think forward in the future. I apologize for this blog being this short, but I felt like this was the majority of our talk on Thursday, and this is what really stood out to me during our discussion of whether or not time really is linear or if we can sort of morph it into our own thing.


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