Some technology just should not happen

After watching the Doug Engelbart video, I have decided that not all technology is good. One thing Engelbart introduced was the contraption that was like a small keyboard, except it only had five buttons, and with 31 different combinations of pressing said buttons, you would be able to make all of the letters in the alphabet.

Um, what?

Why would you want to teach yourself something new that would probably take copious amounts of time because with 31 combinations, and the fact that the buttons are indistinguishable from each other, just so you can save time in the future? I didn’t understand that piece of technology. What’s the point of having a full keyboard and mouse right there then? I was so frustrated by it because technology IS supposed to make life easier, and if you have to fiddle with something new, you might as well just give up now. With the Internet and computers being hard to use at first for everyone, adding something else in that has no indication of what the buttons do is asking for trouble. Even though Engelbart may have been a technology genius, that was not his best piece of work.

However, his expansion on the list organization system was very interesting because that was in a way the foundation for the modern day computer organization system, especially with Windows due to the “Start” button at the bottom. The fact that he was able to figure out the programming to make the lists change to so many different orders is amazing because in a way the computer is learning to make order out of what we input to it. Also, the map function he showed us was interesting because if you forget why you go somewhere, you can just click on the word and it will show you why you’re there. I wish I had something like that just because I forget at least one thing every time I go to the store.

Of all the things I saw and heard during the interview, only one thing would have been of no use to me, which was the half mouse-keyboard thing. Just add that to the list of failed technology/ things that should have never happened in the technological world.

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