Can computers augment human intellect?

While reading this piece from Engelbart, the one thing that kept sticking in my mind is searches on websites such as Google and Yahoo. The reason this kept coming up is because talking about connecting notes and sources reminded me of all of the different things we can find on the Internet just by doing a simple search. Something I found really interesting while reading this was that “back in the day” this was the most impressive technology when they were writing this. The fact that having a “keyset” and the earliest form of the mouse is mind-blowing to me because these days, some people use their fingers as the mouse for their iPad, iPhone, and any other gagdets that have come out in the past few years.

I know that if it weren’t for the examples that they gave at each section, I would have been really confused on what they were talking about because it was so intricate and if you aren’t used to reading or studying about that kind of stuff, you would have no idea what they were talking about. I was intrigued by all of the tools that were available to them and how they were able to think so fast and allow the computer to do all of the clerical work.

I don’t know if this necessarily augments human intellect, but it definitely gives us more time and freedom to let our minds roam while trying to solve problems. From what I read, the computer doesn’t do any analyzing of its own, its basically the operator organizing their thoughts on something other than paper, and its more automatic, which is always helpful. Overall, this article was probably my least favorite just because it felt pretty repetitive after awhile and my imagination wasn’t really able to roam to the new levels I felt Engelbart wanted me to. It really could have been taken to another level so that everyone could take something from it.

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