Cyber culture and New Media

The reading we had to do not only gave me a new outlook on the Internet and how everything gets tied back together, but also that there are so many little things that need to be clarified. The argument concerning cyber culture and new media at first confused because I always thought they were the same.

I also thought the comparison between the soldier and the scientist was a new way to look at how the new medium works because there are so many ways for this to be researched and understood. I never thought of it this way before because I’ve never really looked into the formation of the new media, and when I was born, the Internet was up and running. I guess I’ve underestimated what really goes on within the web and that so much can be found and done on there, that I’ve never really been able to explore its capabilities. In my mind, everyone needs to step out of their comfort zone on the Internet and just see what’s out there.

The one thing in this reading that really shocked me was how many different ideas Lev Manovich proposed for understanding the new media, such as it being a distribution platform, which made the most sense to me, and new media being used to execute algorithms, which, to me, was the most confusing because it was far too technical for me and that just comes back to my lack of understanding of the deep dark secrets of the Internet and technology as a whole.

Unfortunately, I cannot continue on this blog because 1) class is starting and 2) without further knowledge as of now, I don’t want to bore you all with this.

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