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Lectures and technologies

Lectures without any visual aids are difficult to follow. Different teachers have a different preference of what this visual aid might be. Some prefer the old school way about it with chalk and blackboard. While I was in high school, as well as some time in college certain teachers prefer to teach from transparencies. In one of my current class the professor is fond of using the document scanner. In a lot of my other classes though, the teachers like to use computer presentation software such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. I must say that although I do not dispute these software’s effectiveness in aiding a presentation, I find them not very not very good well used in a class setting, at least for me. Often times professor will make slides that are very wordy, or that they simply read word for word from the slide. Other times professors may go through the slides too fast for me to take my notes on. I also find that the fact the my “notes” were already given to me as a set of slide print outs makes it harder for me to focus. Perhaps I am just too conditioned to the old ways of board and chalk; that’s the way I was brought up and that’s the way I respond the best to.

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