Reflections on Ethics

Learning about ethics was very unexpected because I thought it was simpler than what it really is. Ethics in academia seems to be a trivial topic because it can be seen as a matter of doing the right or the wrong thing. However, life is not that simple. In some aspects, yes; particularly about core values and individual beliefs. However, when it comes to many other situations of life, and that it may involve many people, doing the right versus doing the wrong thing can fall into a more grey area.  After learning and reading about ethics, now I cannot stop finding multiple challenges or situations where unformed academics can act within this “grey area”.

Getting stronger education and information about academic integrity is essential to reduce the problem. Because a lot of the problem can be reduced when someone “innocent” report the issues he/she sees. Informing people about the available resources to report any situation that is necessary is a great way of reducing the problem. It is not only necessary to do things right, but it is also our responsibility to make sure we are not mute witnesses of others unethical behaviors.

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