Open Access

Open access is a topic that should be more socialized. We are part of an industry that is capitalizing knowledge and information and it is managed by very powerful entities. However, we, as students, can do a lot to contribute to the change that we want. By making sure that our work is accessible by other people we make sure we contribute to change the system we are part of.

Open access journals’ main objective is to make information more accessible to people, which means that the information will be more accessible to use it in both teaching and research. It is also an efficient way of building and transfer knowledge, and it also contributes to research integrity, because it means that there are more to focus in plagiarism.

Finally, it is important to take into account who are we writing for? Who is our audience? Perhaps our work’s impact will become real when we get to reach a broader audience. In order to grow, you have to talk to people that are different to you.

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