Ethics in Research

Lately, there has been so many scandals regarding unethical behavior I have heard about. And what shocks me the most is that all members from different roles are involved: students, staff members, and faculty members as well. One of the main components to take into account, as a junior academic, is ethics in research. Here I compile some considerations should get taken into account:

  • Make sure you don’t manipulate neither research design nor data collection to your own convenience. We usually make assumptions to prove our point.
    • One way to help to reduce this issue is open access data
  • Reach beyond the walls (service, commitment to professional societies and academic discipline associations)
  • Be informed on how to protect for intellectual property, what are the resources available?
  • Challenge professional and personal assumptions. Be a faculty committed to leading change, social responsibility.
  • Ethics require us to think deeply. What would you do if you find that one of your lab mates is mistreating data? You will face uncomfortable situations for sure, start thinking what would you do if you see anything like that.

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