Communication and the Production of Ideas

In this week, I was able to reflect on the importance of being able to communicate your ideas appropriately. Being able to achieve knowledge and to build on ideas is essential when applying what we have learned in our education, however, without appropriate communicational tools, we may be missing from a lot of “sharing”.

Sharing ideas is essential for knowledge development as well. Especially when we are living in a world in which global problems should be address in a multidisciplinary way. Additionally, it is only when we talk with people different than us that our ideas grow and evolve. So, the interaction regarding our different research projects with our colleagues is not only useful but it should be encouraged by our mentors and our institutions.

With that context, some of the main aspects that I have been able to reflect on are the 1) importance of listening, 2) celebrating failure and mistakes, and 3) promoting a safe space but also a brave and challenging one. These three components are essential when analyzing how good are we to communicate our ideas.

For this, it is important to first start analyzing on our own communication skills, and then to work on how to remove the barriers that are preventing us to successfully communicate with other. However, it is important to mention that despite the communication skills one can have, it is also important to have the desire and determination to start creating opportunities to facilitate that communication.

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