The Clinic Does Matter

I found myself spending an unusual amount of time deciding what I wanted to blog about. When it came down to choosing, it just happened to be at the same time I received an email from one of my clinical psychology supervisors. She was asking for my help to explain basic clinic policies (e.g., paperwork, confidentiality, suicide assessment, resources) to first year clinical students. After agreeing, I ended up spending a lot of time preparing to go over something as boring as clinic policy. And that’s when I figure out my topic… it comes down to that I really care a lot about the clinic. I care about the physical building, yes, but also making sure things are of quality, run smoothly, and uphold our reputation. Therapy is my passion. Not just doing it, but learning about it and teaching it.

So, where am I going. I teach an Abnormal Psychology class, and we repeatedly review the importance of psychoeducation. Educating people about mental illness is crucial to helping people overcome stigmas, misunderstandings, and fears. So, for my blog, I want to post about various psychological/mental illness related topics (e.g., research, opinions, tips, etc.). So, to begin, September 10 happens to be World Suicide Prevention Day. I watched a video from a courageous, young man who shares his struggle with depression and suicide.  TedTalk – Confessions of a Depressed Comic. I found it both touching and inspiring.

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