Psychological Evidence for PBL

I found an older review article discussing the psychology behind PBL. First, more empirical research is needed in order to understand if PBL is superior to other forms of learning. But, the evidence seems to suggest that PBL results in some long lasting learning. In the short-term, PBL may actually inhibit learning. This seems to be due to the effectiveness of short-term recall related to memorization, while PBL tends to be more difficult to assess gains. In the end, however, PBL helps with retention and generalization to other contexts, as it is meant to be a way to critically think about a topic or issue.

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2 Responses to Psychological Evidence for PBL

  1. Do you think it has to do with the students learning how to learn in a PB way? Since in traditional learning environments we are given information and boundaries, PBL is a way to think beyond these boundaries. Which I think can be hard for some students that have not experienced this.

  2. Interesting… Why isn’t PBL good for short-term recall? I would have never guessed. It seems like a good way to learn, since it is applied. If I have to memorize something for a test, I forget it as soon as I step out of it Smilie: :D

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