Fast Paced Learning

After watching the Tad Suiter video, I must say I completely agree that online lectures just do not work. A stationary camera is no better than a stationary lecturer. I do like the idea of intense, fast-faced media. One of my favorite Youtubers is C.G.P. Grey.

I’ve always found his Youtube clips to be really engaging and interesting. After watching them, I realize that I might not remember all the specifics of what he says, but I have a better appreciation for subjects that I am not usually interested in. I realize that what he does takes a lot of time and energy, and as students we may not have time to sit down and create these videos. Plus, he explains one concept, while we are often trying to teach a lot. I think if we were able to have a very specific topic we are teaching, then these types of videos could work. Otherwise, I am not sure it is realistic. Though, if we learned how to do these videos in an easy way, I think we may be able to speed up the process and do it more often. How much time do we currently spend on our lectures and could time spent be replaced by creating these videos?

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