Diversity Denotation

I found the readings this week to be especially interesting since I have actually been serving on the recruitment committee for my department, and one of our main focuses right now is diversity recruitment. We’ve been having debates about what diversity means (e.g., race, ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation, lower-SES, etc.) and what is ethical in terms of recruiting and retention. For example, do we want to post stats about our graduate student’s sexual orientation in a public way? Yes, we are considering diversity and letting others see that (with the hopes of showing we are a welcoming department), but are we invading privacy and potentially making people nervous about feeling they need to report (while we wouldn’t force them to, it might drive people away). It raises more questions rather than answers when it comes to how we want to define diversity, how we want to show we are accepting of diversity, but how we can do that in an appropriate way?

As an aside, I found this Article to be really interesting and revealing about the physical  health consequences of stigma toward LGB individuals.

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