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Home Improvement

My department has been meeting over the last month to discuss how we want to quantify and understand student activity and achievement over the course of the year. Are the graduate students fulfilling the expectations and the goal of the … Continue reading

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Restricted Interests

I thought our discussion last week concerning “diving” vs “skimming” to be extremely interesting. For one, graduates students naturally delve very deep into one particular area, and we are expected to be experts. See┬áthis website some interesting insight into our … Continue reading

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Sociality – There’s An App For That

A parent comes into therapy saying their child needs help being social. “Teach social skills. My child does not interact with other kids.” But when you sit down with the child, the child is able to interact and seems to … Continue reading

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Sad Reality of Education Based on Socioeconomic Status

I saw this article in the New York Times today. I think the most powerful and compelling parts of this article were “The United States is one of few advanced nations where schools serving better-off children usually have more educational … Continue reading

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Financial Backing Down

I found┬áthis article posted yesterday that I thought was extremely relevant considering our recent discussion on diversity issues in education and inclusive pedagogy. It is sad to think that students who are more qualified but have applied for financial aid … Continue reading

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Psychological Evidence for PBL

I found an older review article discussing the psychology behind PBL. First, more empirical research is needed in order to understand if PBL is superior to other forms of learning. But, the evidence seems to suggest that PBL results in … Continue reading

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Grad Student Mental Health

I saw this blog posted on a friend’s Facebook page, and thought I would share it Also, some mental illness facts Fact Sheet I think it addresses a lot of the issues related to mental health in graduate students … Continue reading

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Diversity Denotation

I found the readings this week to be especially interesting since I have actually been serving on the recruitment committee for my department, and one of our main focuses right now is diversity recruitment. We’ve been having debates about what … Continue reading

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Predicting Violent Behavior

So, part of my research focuses on psychophysiological factors that predict aggression and violence. For example, one of the most replicated findings is that low resting heart rate predicts higher aggression. For another great article, please see this Adrian Raine … Continue reading

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Fast Paced Learning

After watching the Tad Suiter video, I must say I completely agree that online lectures just do not work. A stationary camera is no better than a stationary lecturer. I do like the idea of intense, fast-faced media. One of … Continue reading

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