Brief History of Copyright and 4-Chords

When I watched the very first Remix video, I stopped it only a few minutes in to discuss with my partner about what the video was addressing. We launched into a really in depth conversation about copyright, originality, and inspiration. We remembered a video by Axis of Awesome and their 4 Chords Song

I think it is a great example of how the music industry really isn’t that original, and songs really are similar. Many of The Beatles first songs were covers, yet the Beatles are better known for these songs. Granted, the four chords sound good and are catchy, and there is a limit to the total possible numbers of combinations. Still, does that make it okay? It is hard to say. But, there is a reason certain songs trigger memories, even when listening to it for the first time. Probably because it is related to another song.

Also, CGP Grey does a whole series of short videos related to many different topics. One of my favorites is the one on Copyright. Oh, Disney.

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