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Brief History of Copyright and 4-Chords

When I watched the very first Remix video, I stopped it only a few minutes in to discuss with my partner about what the video was addressing. We launched into a really in depth conversation about copyright, originality, and inspiration. … Continue reading

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Open Access Funds Resource

For those interested in Open Access, Virginia Tech provides a subvention fund to help with fees related to open access journals. Check it out here! There are several guidelines for the amount they will help with and the types of … Continue reading

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ORI – Misconduct Aftermath and the Need for Replication

As I was reviewing the ORI website, I was surprised by how many of the cases involved falsifying data. I can’t even imagine simply creating or duplicating data, especially in psychology. As I was browsing, most seemed to be related … Continue reading

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Open Range

I have dabbled once with open access journals, and it ended up being a bad idea! We found the journal online and read some of the articles in it to be intriguing. We found it odd, however, that our article … Continue reading

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Practical Class for Students

Inside Higher Ed recently published an article (here) that described a study examining the outcome of a one-hour group for first generation college students. In the study, students who attended a discussion/workshop where panelists discussed their own personal adjustment to … Continue reading

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The Christian Mission

I do not consider myself to be a religious or spiritual person, so the concept of a “religious institution” is something I am completely unfamiliar with. I was curious to read mission statements from universities that are considered Christian to … Continue reading

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The Battle of Q’s

I was not surprised when the issue of quality vs. quantity came up during our first class. As classmates were asking about how many, how long, or how good blogs need to be, I was reminded of my own teaching … Continue reading

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Home Improvement

My department has been meeting over the last month to discuss how we want to quantify and understand student activity and achievement over the course of the year. Are the graduate students fulfilling the expectations and the goal of the … Continue reading

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Restricted Interests

I thought our discussion last week concerning “diving” vs “skimming” to be extremely interesting. For one, graduates students naturally delve very deep into one particular area, and we are expected to be experts. See┬áthis website some interesting insight into our … Continue reading

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Sociality – There’s An App For That

A parent comes into therapy saying their child needs help being social. “Teach social skills. My child does not interact with other kids.” But when you sit down with the child, the child is able to interact and seems to … Continue reading

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