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No Grades!!

I thought The Case Against Grades was a compelling read and something I would love to be able to do. I do think students worry too much about grades and only focusing on “plug and chug” and then forget rather … Continue reading

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Financial Backing Down

I found┬áthis article posted yesterday that I thought was extremely relevant considering our recent discussion on diversity issues in education and inclusive pedagogy. It is sad to think that students who are more qualified but have applied for financial aid … Continue reading

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Psychological Evidence for PBL

I found an older review article discussing the psychology behind PBL. First, more empirical research is needed in order to understand if PBL is superior to other forms of learning. But, the evidence seems to suggest that PBL results in … Continue reading

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Grad Student Mental Health

I saw this blog posted on a friend’s Facebook page, and thought I would share it Also, some mental illness facts Fact Sheet I think it addresses a lot of the issues related to mental health in graduate students … Continue reading

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Diversity Denotation

I found the readings this week to be especially interesting since I have actually been serving on the recruitment committee for my department, and one of our main focuses right now is diversity recruitment. We’ve been having debates about what … Continue reading

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