(In case you couldn’t tell, I did not take Latin in High School.)

I generally put something on in the background to listen to while I work, and while I was working today, I found myself going down a rabbit hole in YouTube, which led me to some videos that I had seen before, including this one by Jonathan Carlin of The Super Carlin Brothers. The video explains Jon Negroni’s theory on how the Supers in The Incredibles got their powers. Jon Negroni is the author of the “Pixar Theory” that all Pixar movies take place in the same universe. You’ve probably seen it floating around on the internet somewhere. This specific part of the theory concerning the origins of the Supers powers claims that the US government gave certain people powers in order to assist with fighting crime, and that the government also contracted Syndrome to create weapons before he took the money and ran to Nomanisan Island. The theory is solid– internally consistent, makes some sense– but something that Jonathan said bothered me: “Kids never had powers”. I commented on the YouTube video that Stratogale (one of the Supers killed by her cape) was a high school student, but that lead me into a train of thought and I realized why the government really gave the Supers their powers, and it has to do with that comic that everyone seems to compare The Incredibles to. 

No, not The Fantastic Four.

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