I saw Captain America: Civil War last week (like most of America), and I was duly impressed. It’s far from perfect, but it’s a really fascinating showcase of what a full cinematic universe can do. The plot was very engaging, even the slower moments felt important. I could list the number of underdeveloped characters on one hand, which considering the amount of cast is impressive. The movie didn’t feel crowded, it felt like an event comic, with just enough cameos and bit parts that weaved together the summation of what Marvel has been doing with their franchise. And the fact that they also introduced so many new characters that are so integral to the Marvel universe (Black Panther, Baron Zemo, effing Spiderman, etc.) and it still wasn’t bloated is frankly incredible.

There is, of course, the criticism that it’s not like the comic. And that’s true. The Sokovia Accords are not exactly the SHRA, the entire storyline that Spider-Man had in the comics is gone, and unlike Deadpool, the studio couldn’t even get one X-Man. Though Negasonic Teenage Warhead would probably be Team Cap.

The marketing around the movie was also interesting, having everyone pick a side. People would post #TeamCap or #TeamTony or what have you signaling which side they were on. I didn’t pick a side because I didn’t care enough to, but also because the issue of registration is a complicated one. One that’s actually been explored in several different forms of comics media. And Civil War (in the comics) was very different in that the Pro-Reg side were the heroes.

There’s a reason it was changed in the movie.

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