Let’s admit it. As graduate students we spend more time at our offices (or labs) than anywhere else. Your office is probably going to be your second home and the fellow graduate students are going to be your extended family for at least the number of years you spend in your PhD. Thus, it is very important that you have a pleasant workspace environment and you enjoy your time when at work.

My workspace is located at the basement, has two windows with bars and no views (well, I get to see green walls). The PhD office is a tiny room and has 6 desk spaces, book shelves, cabinets, couple printers, one little refrigerator and a microwave. You do not get fresh air and the heating and cooling system doesn’t work you need them. You do not get to see the daylight and you don’t have the slightest clue of what’s happening outside (This might be actually a good thing because you are less distracted). However, I do have very good colleagues around me and I really enjoy my time with them.

I might sound like I am complaining and what I have for a workspace could probably be far better than what some of you do. I am interested to know, what do your workspaces look like? Do you get to enjoy the daylight or fresh air or good views?