When I saw the homework statement, I was wondering if there were any open access journals in Geotechnical Engineering because all the Journals that I have used so far were paid access. When I searched the internet, I actually found a couple that were listed as “Open Access” journal. One of them was “International Journal of Geo-Engineering” published by Springer Singapore under SpringerOpen brand. The Journal is a peer-reviewed journal and is sponsored by the Korean Geotechnical Society. The editors-in-chief are Sangchul Bang, Richard J. Finno, and Jong-Sub Lee.

In their own words: “The goal of this interdisciplinary journal is to provide a forum to discuss the knowledge and experience of geo-engineering from fundamentals to cutting edge technologies.

The Journal has 43 articles under 3 volumes and 3 issues from 2015-2017. The authors are allowed to publish without any additional charges and the cost associated with publishing articles are covered by the Korean Geotechnical Society. By “open access”, the Journal is freely available online all over the world where there is an internet access. I have not looked at what “open access” addresses in other Journals like this, but I think that allowing authors to publish without any costs and allowing access to readers without any costs is a very good attribute of this journal.