As I was searching through the internet to find articles on the use of disruptive technologies in higher education, I found an article by Tanya Roscorla, where she discusses a key note lecture given by Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen at EDUCAUSE conference in Orlando, Florida on how emerging technologies such as online learning can be both an opportunity or a challenge in higher education.

There were basically three aspects of disruptive innovation in higher education that were discussed by professor Christensen:

1) Disruption can create better opportunities for higher education if targeted at non-consumers.

2) Adopting open modular strategies can help universities earn more money, and

3) High-end online classes cannot beat the traditional education system unless they are made affordable to people who don’t have access to traditional education system because they can’t afford for it.

Changes can be difficult and challenging at times but I believe that a proper strategy to bring the changes can definitely lead to success. I agree with a quote by Li Keqiang, a Chinese politician, who says,

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”