It was very interesting to find out that there are a number of case summaries  on research misconducts listed by the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) in their website. Most of these were either “falsification” or “fabrication” of research data in publications, research proposals, grant proposals, and many other forms. The case summaries include the cases that demonstrates the unethical behavior shown by graduate students, faculty members and other researchers.

I would like to present an example from the ORI website of a former graduate student named Meredyth M. Forbes at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Meredyth was deemed guilty of research misconduct as she had altered her research data in 3 publications and 4 presentations. The author had falsified and fabricated the data in a number of images and graphs.

It is very important that misconducts as such be investigated and be punished as the humankind could be negatively impacted. I am glad that incidents of research misconducts are being looked at seriously and have been publicly released by ORI so that other people can be aware of and realize where they might be putting themselves by attempting such wrongdoings.