I have picked two institutions from the United States to compare their mission statements: i) University of Texas at Austin, which is a public research university located in Austin, Texas and ii) Harvey Mudd College, which is a private residential liberal arts college of science, engineering, and mathematics located in Claremont, California.

The mission statement of UT Austin reads as follows:

The mission of The University of Texas at Austin is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate education, graduate education, research and public service. The university provides superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at the baccalaureate through doctoral and special professional educational levels.

The university contributes to the advancement of society through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge. The university preserves and promotes the arts, benefits the state’s economy, serves the citizens through public programs and provides other public service.

The mission statement of Harvey Mudd reads as follows:

Harvey Mudd College seeks to educate engineers, scientists, and mathematicians well versed in all of these areas and in the humanities and the social sciences so that they may assume leadership in their fields with a clear understanding of the impact of their work on society.

UT Austin is a larger school with a broader mission. It offers a wide range of educational opportunities ranging from undergraduate  to doctoral and even to some special professional levels. Furthermore, it is largely a research based institution. Unlike UT Austin, Harvey Mudd is a much smaller institution and is limited to undergraduate education. Moreover, it has a narrow curriculum focused on Engineering, Science and Mathematics with some touch on humanities and social sciences.